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  • 70-410 | Your network contains an Active Directory domain…

    Question: 35 Your network contains an Active Directory domain named The domain contains a domain controller named DC1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2. You need to configure a central store for the Group Policy Administrative Templates. What should you do on DC1? A. From Server Manager, create a storage pool. B. From Windows Explorer, copy the PolicyDefinitions folder to the SYSVOL\\policies folder. C. From Server Manager, add the Group Policy Management feature D. From Windows Explorer, copy the PolicyDefinitions folder to the NETLOGON share. Answer: B

  • 70-410 | You work as a senior administrator at L2P…

    Question: 34 You work as a senior administrator at The network consists of a single domain named All servers on the network have Windows Server 2012 installed, and all workstations have Windows 8 installed. You are running a training exercise for junior administrators. You are currently discussing the Always Offline Mode. Which of the following is TRUE with regards to the Always Offline Mode? (Choose all that apply.) A. It allows for swifter access to cached files and redirected folders. B. To enable Always Offline Mode, you have to satisfy the forest and domain functional-level requirements, as well as schema requirements. C. It allows for lower bandwidth usage due to users are always working offline. D. To enable Always Offline Mode, you must have workstations running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2. Answer: A,C

  • New Power BI Adoption Pack Makes it Easy for Admins to Monitor Office 365 Use

    Today we are pleased to announce the Content Package Public Outreach Adoption 365 Power BI, which allows customers to get more than 365 office. The content package combines intelligence utilization reports with BI's interactive power analysis capabilities, providing rich use of knowledge and adoption. With this knowledge, administrators can push more specific training and user communication to help them transform the way their organizations communicate and collaborate, allowing for a truly modern workplace.

    Information that can act: Office 365 gives users the freedom to work anywhere and the services they need to be more productive and collaborative. However, sometimes people need help getting started with Office 365. For example, if someone does not use Skype for Business, you may not know how to start using Skype or understand how they can use it to enhance your communication. In all cases, the IT department may want to contact that person to provide more information and training resources. The new adoption package of Office 365 provides a cross-section view of how users communicate and collaborate to help IT managers deliver a more specific user communication product. When you better understand how employees use the various Office 365 services, it is easy to decide where to prioritize training and communication efforts. The content package allows administrators to view and analyze their data using Office 365, create custom reports, share knowledge, and understand how to use Office 365 regions or departments. Announcing the preview of the Office 365 Get profound ideas on usage trends: The centerpiece of package content is a pre-built control box that provides IT executives with a view of how users cross-access all products within the 365 office. For most metric products, the package Content it provides data for the past 12 months, so you can easily see how the trend is using and has evolved over time. The panel is divided into four main areas: Understanding adoption, communication, collaboration and activation. Each area contains specific usage information. Adoption Description Description: Provides an overview of adoption trends that help you understand how users have adopted Office 365. You can easily see how many authorized users are actively using the various Office 365 services, which is A combination of products popular within their organization, and analysis of adoption trends for individual products. Communication area: highlights the services that people use to communicate, such as Skype for Business, Exchange and Yammer. You can see what communication methods are used by users and go into details to understand if there are changes in the way employees use different tools to communicate. Collaboration Area: shows how people in your organization use onedrive for business and SharePoint to store documents and work together, including the number of active users in their own accounts and other accounts. This information is a good indicator to understand if people are using onedrive for business and SharePoint essentially for storing files or if you use these services to share content and collaborate with others.

    Activation area: helps understand Office 365 ProPlus activations, Visio Pro Pro project, and your organization. You can easily see how many users have activated the product, allowing administrators to ensure that users have the latest versions of Office applications. The report also provides information about what device users have activated on the device, which helps administrators understand which devices are popular in your organization, and how many users are working everywhere. Access to more advanced usage descriptions: Each organization has unique questions about use and adoption. The content package helps to answer these questions, allowing swinging, analyzing, customizing and sharing information. Analyze usage by service, organization, or location: Many of you want a complete picture of how departments or regions use Office 365. To enable these advanced analysis scenarios, the content package combines Use data with your Azure Active Directory Directory Users DAA). You can swing reports assign Aad information as a service or organization.

    Take advantage of built-in filters to get relevant information for you: In many reports, contextual filters allow you to easily divide and cut available data, for example, to understand adoption trends for individual products. Quickly find out who your advanced users are: the content package includes an activity report for each service user to identify advanced users. These users often have a very thorough knowledge of the product and can help train other users. They can share the way they use the service, the way it helps them to become productive day and tips on getting started. Advanced users can help lead the digital transformation of your organization for example. The user activity report also allows you to identify users who have not used a particular product. Armed with this information, you can be very objective in their adoption campaigns. Customize the content package: The control panel and the underlying reports are templates to help you get started quickly with the content package. The actual power is in the content package of the underlying data. We want administrators to have total control over your data so we have made sure that you can customize the packaging content and structure maps to suit your organization's needs. There are three ways to customize the content package:
    • Take one of the pre-constructed and edit images, delete or alter the format of the visual information, for example.
    • Create a new visual image by using the underlying datasets.
    • Connect to Power BI Desktop BAII file, which allows you to bring your own data sources.

    Share the contents of the package with BI Pro power sharing features, you can easily share the control panel with people both inside and outside your organization, such as business stakeholders or Their management team. The importance of their comments: We would like to thank each of you who participated in the limited preview and provided feedback on the early versions of the content of the package. In recent months we have received many comments that have helped us identify gaps and ensure that all content provide useful information. And it's good to know how already helps many of you get even more value from Office 365: "The Adoption Content package is one of the best Office 365 management tools for us. It gives us a clear idea of ​​how our organization uses Office 365, and allows us to really focus our user training efforts as we know exactly how each user uses the product or more importantly not often use the products yet. " -Customer Feedback Start with the content package: The content package is available to all customers for free. You only need the free BI power service to sign in to Content: use your Office 365 administrator account to sign up. You can also customize the dashboards and reports on the free BI power supply. To connect to the content package, you must first activate it in the 365 Administration Center. Use the Reports page to see a new map at the bottom of the page where you can access the content package. This step initiates a workflow that generates its historical usage patterns. This data processing task takes between 2 and 48 hours depending on the size of your organization and how long you have used Office 365. Once the data preparation is ready to display in the content package. Follow the steps to connect to the contents of your organization's package.

    Note that you must be a global administrator or a management product (Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint) to connect to the content of the packages.

  • Finally New Firmware Corrects Surface Pro 4, Surface Insect Book, But Microsoft must Do Better

    microsoft Microsoft has released a firmware update for Surface Pro Book 4 of surface and finally corrects errors important energy management and the dream you have seen the latest Microsoft systems that drain their batteries and get very hot when they should have been in ultra low power mode. power management and driver problems are a common feature of the misfortune of Windows, but these devices in the area have been a bit more troublesome than most. Microsoft responsible for both hardware and software, was a disappointment to many. Book surface was one of my favorite machines from 2015, with its sleek and stylish package, nice and solid hinges specifications. The review unit had a firmware and download very crude conductor; in fact, the facial recognition Windows Hello was not working in the examination system. I also had some problems with the screen off. I guess all these issues are ironed out by the time that the material in the market, and shipping machines certainly have adequate support for Bonjour, but the petty problems persisted. I am not alone in this; the surface and the Pro 4 role both suffered a series of problems, among other things, the Wi-Fi drivers, sleep, and display. Sleep problems, interestingly, do not seem to affect the pre-release firmware is probably the most serious and persistent problem. It is expected to support systems connected standby, also known as ways of saving energy S0ix, which allows the system to sleep while being able to do things like check email, check for new tweets, or receive calls Skype. This mode is a very low power, but book Surface Pro 4 owners and found that their systems batteries are empty within hours. Doing bags phones, they were very hot, too. Power management tools Microsoft diagnosis mainly the driver said Intel GPU Skylake, but as successive updates GPU drivers fixed other issues, sleep problems remained. These problems are nothing if they are not incompatible; Since I am afflicted with sleep problems, I have not met me pound Wi-Fi and driver issues seemed to big screen in an update of last year. But I know that other people have had different experiences. It is always a bit difficult, privileged information, knowing the magnitude of these problems; not even a problem affecting some percent of the population may result in a large volume of complaints support forum. Sometimes they represent the tip of the iceberg; other times throughout history. The firmware update should now finally put this issue of power management to bed, leaving the Pro 4 surface and deep book sleeping area. Microsoft has corrected this problem, lastly, it is welcome. What is less welcome is the way the company handles first problems. The surface line, Microsoft has established somewhat of a standard for the rest of the PC industry. The emphasis on quality construction, freedom of crapware, integration of contact entries and no contact were all strengths of surface systems, and I would say that the work Microsoft has encouraged other PC suppliers to improve their game. systems such as HP Spectre x2 are clearly influenced by the work of Microsoft on the surface, and I can not help thinking that even systems like the Dell XPS 13 are designed with at least one eye on the competition with Microsoft Hardware Quality. This is not a Mac I hoped that this regulatory approach extend the firmware, drivers, and support. One problem with the traditional PC as the hardware and software are performed by different people, with users caught in the middle. If a system crashes or other problems, it is not always immediately clear whether this is a hardware problem or a problem with Windows. Microsoft is building the machine and cause the operating system should have put an end to this uncertainty. A company responsible for the entire stack, it would be reasonable to assume that a system works perfectly the surface of the box. This was clearly not the case of these systems. Although these are very expensive high-end systems, which were somewhere between an unreliable and a reliable amount, which is not only good enough, as Paul Thurrott strongly supports before Christmas. Of course, while Microsoft has its name on the box and on the operating system, a significant part of the systems is third. Intel provides the core rendering engine and some power management components as well as some surface units book, Nvidia provides the display driver. These components from other manufacturers have all had partial responsibility for the problems of the system, which highlights one of the essential mysteries of the PC experience. First, the PC platform is extremely flexible, with a wide range of CPU, GPU, motherboards and other peripherals. Microsoft simply can not provide drivers of all these things, however, as there are too many of them. This means that PC makers, including Microsoft, are totally indebted to this wide range of providers to get things done. Sometimes it takes a little time. I saw a lot of earthquakes both Intel and Nvidia drivers on other systems I've recently reviewed; this aspect of the computing platform is no specific way to the substrate. The material has just hit the market before the software stack was ready. 70-410 Dumps The main competitor in this space, Apple offers a different approach. There is much less diversity of equipment, and as such, Apple is responsible for a much larger proportion of the code. OpenGL stack in OS X, for example, is developed by Apple. In Windows, each stack OpenGL is the supplier of the GPU. On the one hand, this should mean that fewer errors and strange interactions Apple systems; Apple knows that drivers and hardware work together and that the hardware and software follow the same delivery schedule. But there are disadvantages; Battery Apple OpenGL, for example, is much less capable and performs much worse than providers GPU Windows. Both Nvidia and AMD have released new drivers to support the Vulkan API support for Windows and Linux OS X for this API is currently non-existent, with Apple making no move toward public support. There are compromises that are made here, and certainly not the worst call PC model. But cause frustration when things do not work as they should. I hope at least that Microsoft is learning things from experience and to gain a better understanding of what goes wrong and work in ways that may make it easier for companies to develop hardware drivers that are no longer reliable. Clear communication is key The aspect of this situation is that Microsoft complete control is communication, which is probably the most disappointing part of the situation. Microsoft has a support page for the surface material, but I'm damned if I can find mention problems sleeping where. Not because Microsoft did not know the problems, but because the company has chosen not to include them in its support page. This is frustrating. A partial sleep problems solution was to allow support hibernation. Not as good as expected Connected, but with the power of hibernation, problems are solved as draining the batteries and get hot laptop bags. Microsoft offers this type of solution routine for software problems, and sometimes solutions are described in the knowledge base. clearly list the problems and solutions ( "If your system does not sleep, hibernate Use") and known solutions ( "If the screen flickers, upgrade the display driver to version X") in the area supporting pages would be pretty easy. At least this way, customers would be able to easily diagnose your system and avoid some of the worst mistakes. Instead, however, these insects awards are hidden in supporting Microsoft forums. A post on December 3, for example, recognizes the power management and includes the solution of hibernation. Another specific problem in October recognizes unusual WiFi with a solution for that too. The support page for slow Wi-Fi does not mention this review. Pro 4 problems booking the surface of the surface and were not happy. But the most unfortunate thing was no response from Microsoft. In a broad sense, any surface problem is unique. Book surface, in particular, can be a "perfect storm" of problems, a new processor driver with new graphics, a new chipset, custom hardware to separate the screen, the switchable GPU hot plug, which adds to this complexity, but the power management and display driver problems are not unique to the surface. Microsoft could have shown the industry in a better way: the issues of clear recognition, explicit information about updates provide fixes and issues that are longer term, that could provide solutions and timelines for when these issues could be fixed. In other words, the treatment of paying customers about someone times over two and a higher average on a new computer, probably deserves. This does not mean you can not have some sensitivities. Microsoft is undoubtedly reluctant to finger Intel and Nvidia defects individuals guilty even if they are clearly to blame for some of the difficulties. It is understandable that Microsoft wants to protect their relationships with their partners, but in doing so he risks his relationships with his customers. There are also some unscrupulous elements of the press will be no recognition errors as "proof" that "everyone" with the material suffers from problems. This is unfortunate, but Microsoft should handle this by being clear about your message and be careful to note that their estimates are not accurate. Leaving customers in the lurch for three months can not be considered the proper way to handle such a complex problem. This lack of communication continues even with the new firmware still do not know exactly what that change, and scenarios that should and should not make a difference. The good news is that Microsoft has made the most important part. Early reports are that the new firmware properly corrects the behavior of sleep, giving the surface Surface Pro Book 4 and type of sleep power consumption, which is supposed to have. As much that I think Microsoft should have discussed this, and before, there are worse things to wait three months to solve a problem, like the problem is not fixed at all.

  • Microsoft Buys Swift-key The Last Agreement AI-Hungry Silicon Valley

    Microsoft Microsoft bought the company behind SwiftKey, a popular application that uses predictive technology to simplify data entry keyboards phones. In a blog post Microsoft said Wednesday that the keyboard and the software developer kit SwiftKey is used in more than 300 million iOS and Android devices. SwiftKey Microsoft will continue to develop mobile operating systems. The greatest ambition, however, is in artificial intelligence, which is based on SwiftKey accurately predict and correct key presses. technology companies such as Microsoft, Facebook Inc.FB -1.68% -3.81% Inc.AMZN Amazon and Google Inc. alphabet Padres are on the lookout for academics and companies working in the field. Researchers unit Alphabet Deepmind last week as a breakthrough when a program defeated a champion game GB. Inc.AAPL + 1.98% Apple bought the startup Emotient Inc., which uses AI to recognize people's emotions in facial expressions. Slack Technologies Inc. AI had in mind with a safe Foursquare freshly plucked. International Business Machine + 1.45% Corp.'sIBM Watson AI-Driven "butlers" as Cortana and Siri embedded in products, it is difficult to find a high-tech company paying the resources on a piece of land. Microsoft pays about $ 250 million for eight years TouchType Ltd. and carries more than 150 employees, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday. SwiftKey refused to comment on the purchase price. Microsoft declined to comment beyond the blog. TouchType, which does business as SwiftKey, has raised more than $ 20 million from companies like Accel Partners, Index Ventures and Octopus investment, the company said. "SwiftKey technology aligns with our vision of more personal computing experiences that anticipate our needs in relation to respond to our orders," Microsoft said in his blog. The agreement is consistent with the objectives of Microsoft productivity software in the cloud and AI, the company said. It plans to integrate SwiftKey technology in other products. Microsoft recently began reporting earnings of an "intelligent cloud" which mixes its services Azure cloud computing with the Data Center software installed on computers segment. In its second quarter earnings report last week, Microsoft said that revenue in this segment increased 11%, excluding the impact of the appreciation of the US dollar. business productivity software sales is up to 5% on the same basis. SwiftKey, a company based in London founded by friends Jon Reynolds and Ben Medlock, is one of several third-party keyboards available for download. Was available for devices running Google Inc.'s Android software, for years before coming to iOS of Apple Inc. in 2014. Users have saved about 10 billion strikes in 100 languages, SwiftKey has said in his blog Wednesday.

  • Microsoft Wants Cortana To Save Reminders For Appointments Made In Emails

    70-410 Microsoft Microsoft adds new features to its intelligent assistant, Cortana. Windows blog on their experience, the company announced a number of new features planned for Cortana for Windows that allows users to organize your schedule and get reminders of important dates, which will eventually be available for all Windows 10 users. The improved Cortana will have more ways to get proactive reminders. For example, Microsoft Research is pursuing ways to Cortana automatically recognizes when people make commitments to each other in emails and provide reminders. The new Cortana will also offer better ways to manage the schedules of users. Microsoft also wants to recognize individuals Cortana work habits. For example, if you prefer to work early and you are invited to attend a meeting later, Cortana will be able to warn you that you have an appointment outside of their regular or preferred hours so you can take action to modify, if possible.

  • Microsoft says next-gen CPUs will not be supported on Windows 7

    Window 10 Windows 10 is an impressive start, but there are still plenty of recalcitrant (including a server) that are sticking with tried and true Windows 7 (Windows 8, not so much.) But like it or not, the time will come when an update is not an option, says that because earlier versions of Microsoft Windows are not compatible with future generations of processors. Windows and recent post of executive vice president Terry Myerson Group devices in the Windows blog, titled "Windows 10 Silicon embrace innovation," begins with a note about how Windows 10 works by the sixth generation of Intel processors Skylake. "Compared with PC Windows 7, Skylake When combined with Windows 10, it allows up to 30x better graphics and life security guard 3x unprecedented battery using silicon supported virtualization credentials," I wrote. Unfortunately for members of Win7, after news that they are not very happy. Myerson acknowledged that many people are still under Windows more and that the transition to Windows 10, especially for large companies takes time. But I did also clear that time is running out. "Windows 7 was designed there nearly 10 years before any x86 / x64 existed SOC. For Windows 7 will run on all modern controllers silicon, firmware and devices must emulate Windows 7, expectations for discontinuation stop bus, and the United States that power is a challenge for WiFi, graphics, security, and more, "I continued. "As partners make customizations legacy device drivers, firmware and configuration services, customers tend to see regressions with Windows 7 ongoing maintenance." Windows 7 will support the "safety, reliability and compatibility" on processors of the previous generation to 14 January 2020, whereas Windows 8.1 will receive the same treatment to 10 January 2023. However, "introduced the Silicon new generations, which will require the latest Windows platform to support at this time, "Myerson wrote. For example, said Kirby Lake is Intel, Qualcomm and Bristol Ridge 8996, AMD will be compatible with Windows 10. Microsoft will release a list of specific devices Skylake to continue to support Windows 7 and 8.1 next week, to ensure that customers can now upgrade to new hardware, even if they are not yet ready to make the change from Windows 10 . This list will continue until July 17, 2017, after which "critical Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 security updates for these configurations will be addressed and will be published if the update reliability or consistency of the Windows platform is not risk 7 / 8.1 on other devices ". Update: The report said the old original version of Windows will not work on the new generation of processors. The current statement on the blog is a little more ambiguous, "In the future, new generations of silicon are introduced, they will need the latest Windows platform at this time to help." I 'have updated the post to reflect that wording.

  • Microsoft Slashes Windows 7 And Windows 8 Support

    You think that your copy of Windows 7 supports up to 2020? You think that your copy of Windows 8 is supported until 2023? You may want to think again because Microsoft MSFT -6.00% announced radical changes in the way we will treat users of both operating systems ... 70-410 demo Speaking on his blog of Windows, Microsoft announced that it will stop now supports installations of Windows 7 or Windows 8 whether new or upgraded computers running the latest chips from Intel INTC -10.34%, AMD and Qualcomm QCOM 4.17 %. Specifically listed as "Kaby Lake '(Intel), Bristol canto' (AMD) and Qualcomm '8996' (the basis for the Snapdragon 820). Between them, these chips dominate sales of all new desktops, laptops, tablets and hybrids in 2016. In fact, Microsoft goes further because it also refused to support Windows 7 and Windows 8 in the current generation of Intel processors Skylake ', with the exception of a "list of specific new devices Skylake". This list includes the Dell Latitude XPS 12 and 13;. HP EliteBook Folio and G3 and T460s Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon and press Even these devices will last 18 months ending July 17, 2017. Yes, you read that right: Microsoft violated 31-year history of Windows, by refusing to fulfill its life cycle Windows promised unless users want older hardware. Improve your Windows 7 or Windows 8 exists for these chipsets or buy new hardware and install Windows 7 or Windows 8 on it and the official dates of the life cycle of Windows means nothing.

  • Microsoft restores Windows 10 November Update media explains why it was pulled Update

    Microsoft watchers will be glad to know that the November update that was previously pulled from availability via ISOs and the Media Creation Tool has now been reinstated. In what has been a confusing couples of days, Microsoft first pulled the November Update from the Media Creation tool used to download ISOs last Saturday. According to a statement released by Microsoft, the company had planned to stagger the update over time and, as such, was prioritizing Windows Update as the vector for propagating the November Update. 1022_Microsoft In a statement issued today, however, the company has backtracked on those plans, instead chalking the whole fiasco up to a bug that affected the privacy settings of some users: Thus, it seems that the update is once again available via the Media Creation Tool. For those customers who downloaded the update files before the problem was discovered, Microsoft has promised to reset their settings in the coming days. The bug in question related to the following four settings, which, if turned off by the user, were set to their default 'on' setting after applying the update:

    • Let apps use my advertising ID
    • Turn on SmartScreen Filter for web content
    • Let apps run in the background
    • Sync with devices
    While Microsoft's decision to pull the whole update due to a small bug affecting only a handful of people, and the resulting miscommunication in earlier statements issued by the company, do seem bizarre, Windows 10 has been under fire recently, due to privacy concerns. It stands to reason, therefore, that the company shut down the update in order to minimize any further damage. All in all, the company could certainly have done with more transparent communication, as their official statements seem to contradict one another, and user reports. Given the criticism Microsoft has received in regards to privacy in Windows 10, one would hope that the company would strive to quell users' fears, not ignite them further with incoherent and conflicting information.

  • Microsoft has proposed elections for new board members which includes Johnson & Johnson Chairman Sandra Peterson and industry veteran Padmasree Warrior

    In a recent press release by Microsoft Corporation today announced its proposal for the election of new board members known.The company has two women on this occasion by the board in an attempt to add diversity nominated.The election will take place at the general meeting of the Company on December 2,2015,that the final decision can be made to take.Nominations are Sandra Peterson, who is president of Johnson & Johnson and Padmasree Warrior, the chief strategy officer and chief technology officer of Cisco is an ex.The company says both are known executives with the skills and experience necessary to match the vision and strategic business strategies of the company. microsoft-logo-blue-1920-800x450 The decision to appoint two women follows a lawsuit against Microsoft last month by gender discrimination by one of its former employees.Katie Moussouris who worked for Trustworthy Computing Group at Microsoft in Redmond for over seven years,said that the company has consistently discriminated against women who used the technician.She reported that women IT professionals were paid less than men.He added that women in their performance and what to look for bias disproportionate pay and promotions.Microsoft,in turn,referred to the allegation that the company is committed to diversity and that all employees have the same opportunities to grow.However,the company agreed to look into the matter and find a sensible solution. Microsoft also has in the press release about one of their board member not seeking re-election will be announced.Mud Harvey College President, Dr.Maria Klawe are leaving the board after the end of its current mandate, following the AGM in December.Independent Chairman of the Council gave Dr.John Thompson applause Klawe say thank Dr.Klawe for his many contributions to the board and its leadership in STEM initiatives over the past six years.He also commented on the new nominations saying: Sandra and Padmasree both offer strong technology expertise and business experience that will serve as valuable additions to the board. With addition of the new nominees,the board count will reach to eleven.Other than Dr.Klawe,current board includes Chairman John W. Thompson, CEO Satya Nadella, William H. Gates, John W.Stanton, Cahrles W. Scharf,Dr. Helmet Panke, Charles H. Noski, G. Mason Morfit,and Teri List-Stoll.According to company website, women contribute to around 28% of the Microsoft total employees. The figure however falls down to 17% in case of technology positions. With such figures,CEO Satya Nadella laid much emphasis on diversity in the last shareholder meeting saying that it is very important for the software leader and expressed his intentions to attract, hire, promote and retain a more diversified workforce.While the compensation package of the nominees has not been revealed,company filings show handsome compensation for the board members.It showed that the CEO received around $18.3 million for the fiscal year 2015 that includes a salary of $1.2 million,cash bonus of $4.32 million and stock award valuing to $12.8 million.It also shows the package of CFO Amy Hood who received $8.75 million this year including salary, bonus and stock awards.