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Microsoft Corporation Tipped To Introduce Two Versions Of Surface Pro 4 This October



Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) may be preparing the launch of its highly anticipated Pro 12.9 inch iPad to increase consumer interest towards market.However 2-in-1 device,Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT) is It assumes that you are working on an even larger area Pro 4, the successor to the very popular area Pro 3 is said to get a massive upgrade in terms of processors and even the size of the screen this fall.

Although some reports have also indicated that both variants of its surface 4 Pro hit the market and compete with the iPad next Pro.The surface current Apple Pro 3 is powered by Intel Corp. processors I (NASDAQ INTC) Core fifth generation come .The device has a 12-inch screen.However,we believe that Microsoft released this variant,a model with 13 inches or 14 inches.Surface Pro 3 is considered an alternative to Ultrabook company when combined with keyboard test case coverage.

Reports reveal the next hybrid device will be powered by the latest Intel processors Skylake sixth generation.If Intel has not revealed many details about Skylake at IDF 2015,the company showed a favorable area suitable 3 running on the new processor with integrated graphics.This Gen9 can be used to control up to three different screens with a 4K resolution 60 frames per sec.With Apple believes that focusing on the corporate market with its rumored iPad Pro,it would be viable for Microsoft to do the same with its surface Pro 4 in taking into account the growth potential of companies in the market.

Pro a main surface 4 can also compete with other devices Ones and 2-in-1,which has a hinge pivot 360 degrees.While consumer interest between tablets declined in recent quarters,the introduction of high-end devices like the surface Pro 4 and Pro iPad seems to be productive options for consumers and businesses.Microsoft should make a media event,somewhere in October, where the company will launch its highly anticipated Windows 10 Mobile,the new Lumia smartphones surface phone rumored and final set of surfaces.While prices of the Surface Pro 4 has not yet been revealed,it is expected to fall in the range of $899 in 109.

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