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In a recent press release by Microsoft Corporation today announced its proposal for the election of new board members known.The company has two women on this occasion by the board in an attempt to add diversity nominated.The election will take place at the general meeting of the Company on December 2,2015,that the final decision can be made to take.Nominations are Sandra Peterson, who is president of Johnson & Johnson and Padmasree Warrior, the chief strategy officer and chief technology officer of Cisco is an ex.The company says both are known executives with the skills and experience necessary to match the vision and strategic business strategies of the company.

The decision to appoint two women follows a lawsuit against Microsoft last month by gender discrimination by one of its former employees.Katie Moussouris who worked for Trustworthy Computing Group at Microsoft in Redmond for over seven years,said that the company has consistently discriminated against women who used the technician.She reported that women IT professionals were paid less than men.He added that women in their performance and what to look for bias disproportionate pay and promotions.Microsoft,in turn,referred to the allegation that the company is committed to diversity and that all employees have the same opportunities to grow.However,the company agreed to look into the matter and find a sensible solution.

Microsoft also has in the press release about one of their board member not seeking re-election will be announced.Mud Harvey College President, Dr.Maria Klawe are leaving the board after the end of its current mandate, following the AGM in December.Independent Chairman of the Council gave Dr.John Thompson applause Klawe say thank Dr.Klawe for his many contributions to the board and its leadership in STEM initiatives over the past six years.He also commented on the new nominations saying: Sandra and Padmasree both offer strong technology expertise and business experience that will serve as valuable additions to the board.

With addition of the new nominees,the board count will reach to eleven.Other than Dr.Klawe,current board includes Chairman John W. Thompson, CEO Satya Nadella, William H. Gates, John W.Stanton, Cahrles W. Scharf,Dr. Helmet Panke, Charles H. Noski, G. Mason Morfit,and Teri List-Stoll.According to company website, women contribute to around 28% of the Microsoft total employees. The figure however falls down to 17% in case of technology positions.

With such figures,CEO Satya Nadella laid much emphasis on diversity in the last shareholder meeting saying that it is very important for the software leader and expressed his intentions to attract, hire, promote and retain a more diversified workforce.While the compensation package of the nominees has not been revealed,company filings show handsome compensation for the board members.It showed that the CEO received around $18.3 million for the fiscal year 2015 that includes a salary of $1.2 million,cash bonus of $4.32 million and stock award valuing to $12.8 million.It also shows the package of CFO Amy Hood who received $8.75 million this year including salary, bonus and stock awards.

It has been since the release of Windows 10 almost two months, Microsoft finally responding to privacy concerns growing around the new operating system.In a detailed blog entry Windows chief Terry Myerson,Microsoft Details keeps all the capabilities of Windows 10 and the data used.Myerson maintained in Windows 10 collects information to make the product work better for you,and that control with the option of what information is collected is determined.

There were a number of concerns about the content of accident data applications,but Myerson suggests Microsoft not content or files to collect,and that the company will avoid several steps,gather all the information that identifies you directly,such as your name,your email address or account ID.Why Microsoft also needs this information? Myerson said,Microsoft has accumulated in certain reliability deployment crash fixes for Windows 10 used the data within 24 hours.

Much of Windows 10 is the new Cortana digital assistant,but integration is an issue of privacy.Myerson says that if Cortana is then activated you have control over that we collect, the purposes for this information and can update each time.However settings,Myerson not directly address some of the concerns about Cortana and related features onedrive continue Send of data after they have been deactivated.

Windows 10 also includes family characteristics that are enabled by default to send activity data of a parent.You have concerns about Internet-history data,the parents are created automatically sent and are planning to upgrade Windows 10 to change this.All Windows 10 clients receive an upcoming update to the characteristics of the family,developed with the default configuration to more suitable for young people,compared with younger children,says Myerson.

Additionally,we’re working on ways to further enhance the notifications that kids and parents get about activity reporting in Windows.While Microsoft isn’t addressing every concern today, the company is welcoming feedback if Windows 10 isn’t behaving the way it should with your privacy settings.Issues can be reported at Microsoft’s website or though the Insiders program.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) may be preparing the launch of its highly anticipated Pro 12.9 inch iPad to increase consumer interest towards market.However 2-in-1 device,Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT) is It assumes that you are working on an even larger area Pro 4, the successor to the very popular area Pro 3 is said to get a massive upgrade in terms of processors and even the size of the screen this fall.

Although some reports have also indicated that both variants of its surface 4 Pro hit the market and compete with the iPad next Pro.The surface current Apple Pro 3 is powered by Intel Corp. processors I (NASDAQ INTC) Core fifth generation come .The device has a 12-inch screen.However,we believe that Microsoft released this variant,a model with 13 inches or 14 inches.Surface Pro 3 is considered an alternative to Ultrabook company when combined with keyboard test case coverage.

Reports reveal the next hybrid device will be powered by the latest Intel processors Skylake sixth generation.If Intel has not revealed many details about Skylake at IDF 2015,the company showed a favorable area suitable 3 running on the new processor with integrated graphics.This Gen9 can be used to control up to three different screens with a 4K resolution 60 frames per sec.With Apple believes that focusing on the corporate market with its rumored iPad Pro,it would be viable for Microsoft to do the same with its surface Pro 4 in taking into account the growth potential of companies in the market.

Pro a main surface 4 can also compete with other devices Ones and 2-in-1,which has a hinge pivot 360 degrees.While consumer interest between tablets declined in recent quarters,the introduction of high-end devices like the surface Pro 4 and Pro iPad seems to be productive options for consumers and businesses.Microsoft should make a media event,somewhere in October, where the company will launch its highly anticipated Windows 10 Mobile,the new Lumia smartphones surface phone rumored and final set of surfaces.While prices of the Surface Pro 4 has not yet been revealed,it is expected to fall in the range of $899 in 109.

Microsoft today announced the general availability of Azure Data Factory (ADF),a service in the cloud for data integration process of aggregating data from multiple sources is made, to allow people to analyze all services Treatment May existing data on data lines later. With ADF,high availability and managed in the cloud Joseph Sirosh,Microsoft corporate vice president of information management and machine learning, wrote in a blog on the news today.

These data lines can be programmed in order to prepare intake process analyze and publish data and ADF will manage and coordinate all complex dependencies and processing data without human intervention.The solutions can be set up quickly and always in the cloud connecting a growing number sources.Since local and cloud data then Microsoft has full attention to your personal digital assistant Cortana has capitalized announcing that get Cortana Analytics Suite,are a bunch that the technology giant will sell a monthly subscription.

ADF is a fundamental component of Cortana Analytics Suite,Sirosh wrote,and sewing together and staged a full range of services including HDInsight Azure Azure ML net BI and the gap between the generalized data and intelligence.But bridges actionable as a separate service, ADF has to compete with other cloud services companies like Talend data integration and Informatica. And other public cloud providers the tools to handle data integration.

Market leader Amazon Web Services AWS data has pipeline,and Google has Dataflow.The clouds wars conducted public cloud pricing and geographic availability, not only functions,but Microsoft clearly wants to set up another function public companies will have cloud.The construction of intelligent cloud platform,as CEO Satya Nadella said in an e-mail to employees in June.A tool that can collect data from many sources applications,cleaning and feeding is probably a good idea then.


Microsoft is back with another application of the Microsoft unit garage,and this is a new application called Send email .The company describes it as input and output e-mail solution to publish on simplicity and brevity focus,but send more as a messaging application,as it seeks the typical how easy,fast email client SMS like experience while allowing you to achieve.All employees in Outlook as reference material and have all your communication,the Outlook team, wrote today in a blog post.

Send deeply into Office 365 in the beginning only people associated with Office 365 company or school account you can use the application.So your email will not do much good here,nor is it a Gmail account.Office 365 uses this connection to the surface,the contacts that have emailed recently (and most common).Note that you do not see your mailbox full instead of sending the application includes only calls that you have started it.Longer messages to email,you must bounce Outlook or mobile email application preferred to on.

Necessary With Mail, no signatures, subject lines or greetings. Our design principle for the application to make calls quickly and fluid was to keep the people who are important to you in your heart, says Microsoft. You can even see, if someone wants to see an answer that is for something messaging standard input, but rather crazy to applied to e-mail. Fortunately, unlike in the past, this is an attempt that the Garage has Microsoft already promised to look at Windows Phone and Android.

It is more likely that the launch date of Pro 4 is delayed until 2016.Microsoft Surface is not really part of the grand plan-10-manufacturer Windows.This is because so far there is no word from Microsoft about the rumors Pro 3 parts surfaces.Surface Pro 3,in fact,the strongest argument against the Pro 4 surfaces and think that the first was recently expanded,the likely way that 2015 is not the year of the launch of the Pro 4,if at all It is in the works.The surface,which remains an imaginary telephone device for many users of Windows and the upcoming Windows 10-based, Continuum is delayed or fails,is the need for the Pro 4 surfaces somehow denied by both.

Surface Phone as Flagship Windows Device

PC World is the finding that Microsoft plans to launch a flagship smartphone for this site in 2015, this in September or a few months after the release of Windows 10 on July 29th edition,when the company continues its promise,it could be moving slowly in placed around the operating instructions,the great success for Apple,the report said.

The Apple business model focuses primarily on the production of a handful of iconic devices by consumers,not only because the devices are completely beautiful,but also because a vibrant ecosystem of applications,the report to be embraced added.Microsoft melody for the first time in a viable opponent then iPhone users compelling mobile devices to make the change makes sense,also what the Pro area 4 not necessary now.

Add to that is the recent blog from Paul Thurrott that says even if the Pro 4 will remain missing in action this 2015, the Surface Pro 3 will do just fine and more so once Windows 10 becomes operational. So if the Surface Phone becomes a reality in the coming months and the Surface Pro 3 will sufficiently fill in what the Surface Pro 4 would have delivered out of the box then the latter will likely not be missed.

Mobile Desktop-Class Computing Via Continuum

One of the Continuum of Windows flag 10 functions and if Microsoft really works as advertised,then it may be a surface Killer Pro 4.Continuum,especially under Windows 10 Mobile,essentially allowing PC computing as from a high specced Windows 10 only by phone to a monitor.In short,Continuum is designed to make a smartphone to behave like a desktop.

Getting to this is the need for Pro 4 surfaces will eventually be eliminated,especially if Microsoft would do with a phone phablet sized surfaces or even a phone Lumia giant size.Given the option of taking a peak between mobile,but very capable devices Windows 10 engine and a bulky space tab,the decision is easy for most users.And that should be a strong justification for looking further back surfaces push Microsoft Pro release date in April until the second half of 2016 or even kill surface line along what many believe is a consideration that is in the mind CEO of Microsoft,Satya Nadella lately.

Microsoft Security Essentials is a useful tool to work for the benefit of the consumers and businesses.This is despite the fact that Microsoft designed the free Windows security software for PC users.Small businesses and individuals have a reason to test this security software.The new Microsoft Security Essentials runs on XP,Vista and the upcoming Windows 7,Windows 8,and has been the recommendation of several security experts.

These essential security was very helpful in stopping suspicious security programs from interfering with the computer.But consumers and small businesses have the problem of choosing between installing Security Essentials on their computers,or go for something that is not necessarily the Microsoft logo to make it appropriate.Below are some of the reasons that most users did not think that it’s best to use Microsoft Security Essentials:

Microsoft Can Be Trusted With Security  

It has always been known that Microsoft does not pay so much attention to the security of the devices. However, this cannot be further from the truth. Things have changed and Microsoft has shown commitment in improving the security of devices.

Microsoft Can Be Relied Upon

We do not deny that it was a mistake undoing Vista Microsoft. However, it is obvious that the company learned the lesson the hard way. This is clearly reflected in the Microsoft Security Essentials. Let time and be aware of efforts by Microsoft to try to make the software more secure. In addition, this software can be downloaded for free. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing that the user is bound to lose.

Microsoft is the owner of the operating system, commonly known as the Windows OS. This should be seen as a very big advantage. This is due to the fact that most antivirus scanners analyse some Window files, take them to be malwares and eventually deliver false positive info. This can prove to be a source of havoc to the computer or any other device being used.

Microsoft Security Essential Fixes Security Issues Much Faster

This is compared to other antivirus scanner. This saves the user time would have spent waiting for a solution. Independent security experts essential security called reliable security solution. They also found effective in the treatment of spyware. The fact that security is important itself is a clear sign of Microsoft aim to pursue the common good over most of the revenue.

Let it be known that sometimes humanity is, is priceless its value can not be measured in gold or silver.Security Essentials work best when used together with other antivirus programs. This is another observation, the experts have done. This means that a problem can not be solved by a single package, to find the solution to another.

Microsoft’s Security Essentials Need No Constant Monitoring And Updating

Once the software has been installed, then that is it. It has a way of automatically updating itself. The user does not really have to intervene. Microsoft security essential is also very simple to use.

It was previously rumored that Microsoft proposed the latest version of its tablet/laptop combo as Microsoft Surface Pro known 4.Earlier reports that it planned presented in the assembly Developers Conference in San Francisco,from April 29 to 1 May.In a disappointing turn of events,nothing has been heard of Microsoft in this matter and at that time there was an increase to a new round of speculation about the future and the possible release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

We can not want to see this device in the month of July,either because not commenting Microsoft about a possible release date of this device.The Inquisitor reported that Microsoft surfaces Pro 4 launch on retail markets in October,so that you can present in Windows 10 on them.If the rumors are true,Microsoft will launch its latest operating system at this time.If the two events collide,we can the last Windows 10 preinstalled note the launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with it.At the moment,people are asking why Microsoft decided to postpone the introduction of this device.

The release date was delayed from July to October,so Microsoft could already installed in retail markets in version 10 of Windows.Earlier,according to their own schedule,he thought he could launch in July of Microsoft Windows 10.The company is aware that if surfaces Pro 4 with Windows 8.1 on it,the device does not have the same effect,it would be under Windows 10 loaded.Moreover pre-made to do in the past,Microsoft has its Surface tablet starts in October Therefore,it makes sense that the device to make a debut in October this year as well.

It could be another possible reason for the delayed release date of Microsoft Surface Pro 4.It is likely that Microsoft wants his tablet/laptop combo to compete with people rumored Apple iPad Pro,rumored to begin in September this year.Reports indicate that the Pro Surface will be available in two different models,a version of 12 inches and 14 inches,both approximately 1 TB of storage and 16 GB of RAM.In addition,both versions will also make use of matching keyboard and a pen.Since late April,it was reported that the launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is coming as retail giant Best Buy offers big discounts on surfaces Pro. 3

Meanwhile,The Motley Fool reported that Microsoft could replace your usual Intel has a Skylake processors and a chipset or Broadwell,both manufactured by Intel.Both chipsets have a 14nm process,which makes it smaller,but energy-efficient chips available today.Since last year,the core chips M Broadwell were already on the market and have been used by other better-known devices such as Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 and the latest Apple MacBook.The Skylake will be released on August 15.Reports indicate that,if Microsoft decides to use the Skylake chips start surfaces Pro 4 is delayed,as these chips can be produced in large quantities in the back of this year.

The judge said that Microsoft against two InterDigital.Microsoft owned cellular wireless patents MSFT 0.17% lost a round in a patent battle potentially costly when a US International Trade Commission judge revealed on Monday that the software giant uses technology InterDigital Inc on their mobile phones without permission.

Judge Theodore Essex,said that Microsoft against two InterDigital,an issuer patent licenses,cellular wireless patents owned and said it would be against the public interest, Microsoft device in the United States imports ban.The jury’s decision is reviewed by the full committee before an import ban was enacted are.The ITC has the authority to imports of products that stop a US patent determined to hurt.

Companies often require the ITC to ban imports and to win the district court for damages.InterDigital Delaware,Wilmington, first Nokia NOK adopted based -1.42% of violating its patents in 2007 by Microsoft mobile phone division last year.The Nokia InterDigital patents relate to medium accused to reduce the power of a mobile phone signal interference.

The ITC originally cleared Nokia of infringement, but in 2012 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the nation’s top patent court, overturned that decision and sent it back to the ITC.Microsoft called Monday’s decision one step in the process. We have a successful track record challenging patent assertion entities that misuse industry standards the company said in a statement.InterDigital was not immediately able to comment on the decision.

Despite their own laptops on the market with Microsoft Ribbon, Microsoft Apple clock is supported, so it seems.Recently, the company released an update to the iOS app for OneDrive its service cloud storage, which now allow Apple-track owner,the right to see their photos on the wrist OneDrive new SmartWatch from Apple.This additional feature makes OneDrive the first of many iOS applications from Microsoft to support the clock.

Microsoft explained in the text update in the App Store from Apple clock,the OneDrive users to see their latest photos and eliminate those who do not want to save,show your albums and photos by tag’ll find everything from course screen.Of View They Apple’s small,it is not clear at this time whether its Apple-track owner really interested to take pictures of the wrist can be seen,after all,the smartphone in your pocket still offer a better experience for this type of activity.

But that has not stopped companies supporting the use of Apple Clock for photo applications.Instagram,for example,one of the first third-party applications by Apple in Apple event in Cupertino Rights Watch of March,and his new Apple App consequences was marking the first time the company has taken on a portable device of any kind yet that has start, applications for smart watches from Google or Google Glass before.

It is not entirely surprising to see Microsoft, too, covering the Apple platform Rights Watch. Although Microsoft and Apple have historically been fierce rivals, Microsoft’s strategy under CEO Satya Nadella has seen the company develop versions of their products and services to compete most popular mobile platforms including iOS and Android. The company debuted last year iOS Office and Outlook for iOS and Android, several properties of MSN, and more.

It currently has more than 100 applications for iOS and Android in total, including those that are more experimental in nature,like their Android lock screen apps Microsoft garage. With the support of Apple Shop now under his belt, Microsoft is demonstrating once again that it is really working to be a player cross-platform in this new mobile landscape, compared to one that promotes its own platform and services,excluding the others.

Adding OneDrive Apple Watch is interesting for another reason,too,because it means that Microsoft has beaten Google to bring your storage service Cloud Apple Watch.Although Google has iOS versions of almost all major applications and services, including Gmail, Drive,Maps,and more,the company has been silent about whether or not Apple Watch applications in the works. However, current plans in this space are reportedly focused on bringing aid to the owners of iOS Android Wear, instead of Google applications to Apple Track owners.

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