Microsoft is not only building computing solutions to support that conspicuous consumption, but also working to have a positive impact on the world, said the director of Satya Nadella Native Americans.

“Whether it’s helping a 50-year-old insurance company to modernize its line-up business or starting a new business from scratch, Microsoft is betting on the future of our corporate customers, “Said Nadella at an annual meeting of Microsoft partners gathered here from around the world, including 176 in India.

“While there is tremendous opportunity for growth, we are not only building solutions to support conspicuous consumption, but we are working to have a positive impact in the world and continue to be encouraged by the enormous potential partners ‘Having a local impact ultimately has a profound overall impact,’ ‘said Nadella in her speech, starting from the 14-day annual meeting in the US capital.

Microsoft partners employ 17 million people worldwide. Microsoft has 64,000 members who work in cloud services.

“While our mission and commitment to our partners is firm, technological and technological paradigms come and go, one of these changes is the shift from the first cloud of a mobile world to that embedded in the intelligent edge and Cloud smart, “said the 49-year-old.

This change will bring a more digital technology to the more conventional ways in life and each organization.

Noting that digital transformation represents a huge opportunity, Nadella said he sees this trend to play as each company is affected by technology in entirely new and sometimes unexpected ways.

“Together, we must strive to rethink the opportunity ahead of us and our customers,” said the partners.

Business leaders are studying how they can apply digital technology and intelligence systems to rethink how to empower employees, engage customers, optimize operations and transform products, he said.

“We are making progress, but future growth depends on our collective ability to transcend current definitions of product categories and business models,” he added.

Intelligent cloud and smart edge, where each product and every service have built-in digital devices, offers a $ 4.5 trillion option.

At Microsoft, we want to democratize this notion of digital transformation so that every business can truly exploit the power of this digital age.

We also need to change the way we go to market and better serve customers with key areas of solutions to this digital transformation, “said Nadella.

Announcing the launch of Microsoft 365, Nadella said with LinkedIn Business Solutions, have the ability to redefine what customers can expect from their business applications.

“Companies of all sizes can now digitize critical business functions, including sales relationships, human talent and processes, operations, customer service, field service and more,” at -he says.

“Working with our partners, we can lead this new paradigm of enterprise applications, and prioritize our efforts in product strategies like going to market,” he said.

“Instead of managing sales, sales are social rather than people management is empleados.Se’s commitment tries to restructure what you want to achieve and have the tools and infrastructure to help Reach this new result, “said Nadella.

Affirming that the cloud is essential to enable digital transformation, India’s CEO said they are now moving beyond large volumes of data and even machine learning abilities to infuse cognitive skills, such as vision By computer and natural understanding speech.

“The cloud that feeds the AI ​​can help every business in every corner of the world to transform itself from Lieberr, which builds an intelligent refrigerator, Boeing, which now supplies aircraft with a digital twin, using cameras with Deep neural nets to turn any place into a search engine, and many others, “said Nadella.

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